Neurofeedback – More than just a device

Neurofeedback is not a toy, but an effective therapeutic method and therefore belongs in the hands of qualified and thoroughly trained therapists.

Unfortunately, especially for mentally ill people, it is often difficult to get an adequate therapy. Some families suffer very much, especially if children are affected. Some of these persons that inform themselves and read information from various vendors of Neurofeedback equipment in the internet, get the impression that you just have to attach electrodes to the head of the patient, sit him or her in front of a monitor and switch on the device for half an hour. If they compare the costs of purchasing their own Neurofeedback equipment with the costs for a qualified therapy, it may seem attractive to buy equipment and just treat the children by themselves. We strongly advise against this, for the following reasons:

  • Neurofeedback is a highly effective, patient-oriented therapeutically challenging method
  • Neurofeedback is process-oriented, which means that the training parameters are constantly adjusted throughout the training. The interpretation of the training results and also the adjustment of the training with regard to the setting of parameters and electrode placements require a thorough training and a clinical background.
  • With Neurofeedback the regulation of brain function is altered. Improper application can provoke or exacerbate physical and/or emotional problems.
  • Parents often have difficulties making treatment-relevant decisions. Diagnosis is extremely important at the beginning and throughout the treatment and can never be ensured by standardized values. The brain and the reaction to Neurofeedback are individual.
  • Parents primarily have the role of parents and not of therapists. This can lead to role conflicts in a “therapeutic” setting. Many therapists often notice that they can help many patients but only in rare cases their immediate family members. It may work where simple things are needed, like applying a bandage or correct a misplaced vertebra, but not when psychodynamic processes play a role.
  • Neurofeedback is an effective therapeutic method that should be combined with other therapeutic measures.


We think:
There is more to responsibly and effectively using Neurofeedback that just switching on the device. 

We want

Neurofeedback to be recognized as a treatment method that is offered by qualified providers responsibly and successfully. Only then Neurofeedback can be offered as a serious therapeutic method.

For this reason
EEG Info does not sell or lend Neurofeedback systems to private persons. We only sell to professionals with approved medical or therapeutic education.

So no home Training?
Of course in some cases it makes sense to complement a qualified Neurofeedback therapy with home training. Under which circumstances such a home training should take place must be determined by the therapist. The home training must be recommended and supported by the therapist. Systems for home use can always be rented only from the treating therapist.



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