Neurofeedback - History

Neurofeedback was discovered more than thirty years ago in the University of California in Los Angeles during studies with cats. Since then, a constantly growing community of researchers, therapists, and engineers is developing and establishing equipment, software, and therapy methods.

We estimate that there are about ten thousand neurofeedback practitioners worldwide today, about 90% of them in the USA. Probably Switzerland has the highest density of neurofeedback therapists, following the Los Angeles area.

Neurofeedback still is not really acknowledged in medicine and treatments are normally not payed for by the health insurance. Nonetheless neurofeedback is developing very rapidly, especially in the last few years. On the one side there seems to be an increasing demand for therapeutic services (this is no wonder, due to the fact that our society requires ever more "functioning" brains), on the other side the necessary powerful high-technology has become so cheap in the last years. Today, a complete set of neurofeedback equipment, that is even approved as medical device, costs less than 3000 Euro. Also, there are good training courses and comprehensible therapy methods available to therapists today.

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