Our Neurofeedback Basic Courses

We provide large rooms and all equipment for the practicum

We respect your valuable time that you take from your practice and leisure time to attend our class. Therefore, it is important to us to provide you with a neurofeedback training with good content, professional material, seamless practicum, and make sure you also have fun! 

The courses cover the theoretical basics of neurofeedback as well as the practical clinical application. Centerpiece is the method that has been developed by Siegfried and Sue Othmer over the course of the last twenty years. The seminar addresses therapists who want to get to know this approach, well known for its high efficacy.

The course scheme provided by Siegfried and Susan Othmer is quite established and we can proudly say that we had no attendee so far who regretted the attendance.

Applicable Content

The course aims to give you enough theoretical and practical knowledge to start neurofeedback in your practice. Besides in-depth theoretical coverage, all aspects of a practical neurofeedback practice operation will be shown, i.e. how to assess a client, start a neurofeedback treatment, assess success, fine-tune the training; also some management aspects. The amount of information that is provided in the course could easily fill two semesters. Therefore, we provide a booklet with all slides as well as a CD for later reference.

The CD contains:
- presentation slides
- additional material
- forms (assessment, session protocols, etc.) for immediate use in your practice


Just recently, we extended the four-day class to five days in order to provide more time for practicum. All equipment for the practicum is provided by us.

Practicum is done in groups of two so that you have many opportunities to feel the effect of neurofeedback yourself and learn how to optimize training parameters.

Besides basic training protocols, also Alpha-Theta training will be done during the practicum.

Customer testimonials

Neurofeedback has improved my quality of life in so many ways

Connie Helen Høyum

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Why EEG Info?

  • One of the leading Neurofeedback providers
  • 25 years of experience in Neurofeedback
  • Lots of practicum
  • You can start working with Neurofeedback immediately
  • Always up-to-date because of own research
  • Extensive support after the course
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