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Demonstrate your expertise to your colleagues and clients!

Become a certified OMC Neurofeedback therapist! With our EEG Info Othmer Method Certification (OMC) you create trust among colleagues and clients, because the certification stands for a sound Neurofeedback training.

Why do I need an EEG Info Neurofeedback Certification?

What is the Othmer Method?

The Othmer Method was developed by Sue and Siegfried Othmer, who have over 25 years of clinical and scientific experience with neurofeedback. It is a client-focused method that uses individualized protocols to achieve the best possible results in reducing a variety of clinical symptoms and improved performance.

Why is OMC useful for colleagues?

Often practitioners want to refer clients to neurofeedback therapists. An EEG Info certification gives these professionals and colleagues the confidence that you, as a certified OMC therapist, use an effective and up-to-date  neurofeedback approach. This way, your colleagues can be sure to refer their clients to competent partners.

Why is the OMC useful for clients?

Through your OMC certification it is immediately apparent to potential clients that you have enjoyed an extensive high-level education and have acquired a broad scientific, technical, and clinical knowledge in the field of neurofeedback.


How do I become Othmer Method certified?

  • Introductory course on the scientific basis and clinical application of neurofeedback
  • Additional home studies
  • Own neurofeedback training on clients and on yourself
  • Supervision
  • Continuous education through advanced courses
  • Training courses are compatible with the American “Othmer Method Certification”
  • For the whole time of the certification, it is required to register for the EEG Info Premium Membership

What do I have to do to become OMC certified?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does the registration for the OMC cost?

There is no sign-up fee for the OMC certification program. However, you need to be enrolled as Premium member, which includes the required supervisions and provides discounts for the required courses. Register here

Which application specific courses do you offer?

You can choose specific courses from the following weekend modules (these are in German language):

  • Alpha/Theta course on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Interviewing and evaluation (assessment and symptom tracking)
  • Developmental disorders with a focus on autism
  • Local dysfunctions with a focus on AD(H)D and behavior problems
  • pIRx3 applications
  • Technical course on Cygnet

These specific courses are held in German language.

An overview of our current courses can be found here.

Who can apply for the OMC?

In principle, anyone can become eligible for the certification. If you want to work with neurofeedback as a therapist, you of course need an appropriate license, such as a license as a physician or psychologist, occupational therapist, alternative practitioner, etc. Please check with your local authority whether and to what extent you can use neurofeedback in your practice.

Do I receive credits for the courses?

EEG Info is accredited by the Bavarian Psychotherapist chamber as a training institution and we can award credits to various occupational groups.

How do I perform private studies at home?

For your private studies at home we hand out an updated list of recommended literature in the fields of neuroscience, biofeedback and neurofeedback. The corresponding literature or media are worked through at home. The specified hours are minimum values, we recommend an even more extensive study of neuroscientific topics.

Do all courses have to be attended in German language?

No, the course content is compatible with the English or French language courses by EEG Info. You can, therefore, also attend part of the courses at the EEG Institute in Los Angeles and they will count for the German certification and vice versa.

In what context will the neurofeedback training on yourself take place?

Doing neurofeedback sessions on yourself is an important part of the training. The more you experience training effects on yourself, the more effectively you will be able to work with your clients. Your own neurofeedback training can take place in peer groups with colleagues or in your practice or at home. It is important that these sessions are well documented and that these documents will be submitted as part of the certification program.

How does the phone consulting work?

Telephone consulting is a group supervision that takes place via Internet and telephone. It is run by our experienced therapists. Here you have the opportunity to discuss your own cases and receive clinical and technical support. This means, you have no travel- and practice down-time costs due to long travels. You can comfortably participate from anywhere, all you need is an internet connection and a telephone. The phone consulting takes place regularly once a month.

What does the final exam look like?

The final exam consists of a written and a practical part. You can finish the written part at home and submit it together with the other documents. The practical part will take place at the end of a course that you want to attend anyway. You do not need to do extra travelling for the final exam.

How much time do I have from the start of registration until the final exam?

Normally, the final exam should be taken two years after registration. Should there be delays for some reason, this deadline can be extended.

Am I on my own after the final exam?

Of course not! We regularly offer advanced courses and recommend to attend them. The method is constantly optimized and you can work much more efficiently if you keep up-to-date. If you are an EEG Info Member, you have the possibility to take part in a monthly telephone consulting and use the forum which is moderated by experts. Here, your clinical and technical questions are answered quickly. 

Where can I register?

Customer testimonials

I am so sorry that I only got the first 2 training days at Berg in May last year and want to take the course again.

Asbjørn Øie

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Why EEG Info?

  • One of the leading Neurofeedback providers
  • 25 years of experience in Neurofeedback
  • Lots of practicum
  • You can start working with Neurofeedback immediately
  • Always up-to-date because of own research
  • Extensive support after the course
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