BioExplorer Installation

0. Prepare Windows:

a) make sure that Windows is up to date. Do Windows Updates until there are no more "important updates" to be made

b) in case of Windows 8.x  install "Classic Shell" (google it -> free download). This will bring the Start-Button back ;-)

c) turn off "User Account Control" (Important!). For that, go to: Start -> Control Panel -> User Accounts)

d) we recommend to have "Norton Internet Security" installed. Even if the computer is not connected to the internet, a virus can be transferred by other digital media

e) make backups. We recommend to do complete system backups. By that, the computer can always be taken back to the state it was in when the backup was made.

1. BioExplorer:


  1.  Never use version 1.5, this version contains severe errors in terms of DVD playback
  2. The driver for the HASP dongle is also installed (Win 7). However, Win 8.1 user  have to download (see below) and install the Win8.1-compatible version of the HASP driver. Do not plug in the dongle before installation of the respective HASP driver.

Download (BioExplorer)
(Win 8.1 compatible HASP dongle driver)

2. NeuroAmp Driver:

Download for 32 bit systems (usual case)
for 64 bit systems

Download file, unzip it (please place the folder that is visible when you open the downloaded file on the desktop) and execute the program "dpinst.exe" contained in there.

3. DVD Software 1:

Download and installation of PowerDVD 7.
Note: This software must not be bought, BioExplorer requires only the decoder.

4. DVD Software 2:

Download and installation of WinDVD 8.
Note: This software must not be bought, BioExplorer requires only the decoder.

5. Decoder package ffdshow:

Download and installation of ffdshow:

For 32 bit systems (usual case): Download
For 64 bit systems: Download

6. Configuration of BioExplorer:

  • Resart computer
  • Insert HASP dongle
  • Start BioExplorer 

6.1 NeuroAmp 

BioExplorer Menu -> Devices:
Select "EEG NeuroAmp", then set the COM port that the NeuroAmp has been assigned to. Either look in the device manager, or select a COM port that the BioExplorer displays on the list. In the info line in BioExplorer the message "Connecting" will appear (in yellow) (instead of "No port"), and "Connected" (in green) after clicking the green play arrow. If necessary try another port.

6.2 DVD Decoder

BioExplorer menu -> Preferences:
Click on the category on the right (reaction takes a while).
Then select the PowerDVD decoder (PDVD7) on the top in the video decoder list and press "select". You will see a green check mark.
Then select the InterVideo decoder in the audio decoder list and press "select".
Note: BioExplorer will eventually show a message with the question of whether ffdshow should be used not at all, only this time or always. Select 'always use'.

7. Additional software:

Many people like to use ripped DVDs (Note: Observe legal regulations). For this purpose, there are basically two methods:

  1.  convert DVD to a video file that can then be played back with the video player
  2. convert DVD to an "ISO" file, which can then be loaded into a virtual DVD drive.

8. Theater Mode ("Mirroring")

Very popular but unfortunately not possible on all machines is the so-called theater mode, often referred to as a "mirror mode". This refers to the video- or DVD-player that runs on the therapist screen in a small window together with the player controls and will be automatically displayed on the patient screen in full mode. Advantage: The controls are on the therapist screen (start-stop-pause, chapter selection, etc).

>Here< are instructions on how an ATI graphics card that supports this mode is to be configured. Thanks to Susanne Schmid (Schoresch) for these instructions!

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