Cygnet Software and Apple Mac Computer

Cygnet® needs the Windows operating system to work. In order to make it work on Apple computers, one needs to install a Windows operating system (recommended: Windows 7). The system requirements are comparable with regular PCs. Make sure, your computer complies to these requirements, before you are downloading and installing new Cygnet® versions.

There are three options for the installation of Windows on Mac computers:

1) Windows-only configuration: this options is chosen by people who work with windows exclusively but prefer the Apple hardware. In this case, the installation of Cygnet® is to be performed as on any Windows PC.

2) The Mac computer is configured with two or more operating systems to be chosen from during start-up. For this option, Apple provides a tool called "BootCamp". If Windows is installed using this option, the installation of Cygnet® is also to be performed as on any Windows PC after starting the Mac in Windows mode.

3) The Mac computer starts always in Apple mode, and Windows is started as "virtual machine" via the add-on software "Parallels". This mode requires the most processor power, and the cooling fan of the computer may start making noise. However, Cygnet® and its animations will run smoothly if the power of the Mac is sufficient. Cygnet® needs to be installed in the virtual Windows machine. Parallels needs to be configured to run in "coherence" mode so that the window with the animation can be moved to the second screen.
Example for the configuration of the virtual machine on a Mac with i5 processor, 8GB Ram, nVidia Graphic adapter with 512MB Video memory and Parallels 9 with Windows 7 installed: 3GB Ram, 2 cores, 1GB Video Ram, VSync OFF (the latter is important for the animations to run smoothly in full-screen mode).

We tested all three options successfully; however, we cannot guarantee that Cygnet® and its animations will run smoothly on your system.

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New Cygnet® version released

The new Cygnet® version 2.0.5 now has been released [more]

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