How to configure InnerTube

InnerTube contains four sets of pre-defined games. Each game consists of twenty 'levels' that differ in length, music, tube graphics and so on.

You may like some levels better than others and may have wondered if there is a way to customize these.

The answer is: Yes- there is a way. There are four settings files that define all aspects of a level. You may edit these to adapt InnerTube to your preferences.

Configuration Files

The four configuration files are located in the InnerTube program folder which is part of the Cygnet folder:

C:\Program Files\Cygnet\feedback\Inner Tube\settings

The picture shows the folder contents.

The files we are interested in are the ones that start with "tld". The four files are associated with the four InnerTube games.

Note: Before you begin, please save a copy of these files so that you always can go back to the original configuration.

What is in there?

If you open one of these tld-files with a text editor, you will see this:

That is a so-called 'comma delimited file'. All settings of a game set are defined here in columns that are defined by commas. To read it more easily, the file can be imported in a spreadsheet software such as Excel. The result would look like this:

Now change whatever parameter you like. You can even use your own image files for the backgrounds or music files (in mp3 format).

Here are the folders for the various items:

again, the configuration files:

C:\Program Files\Cygnet\feedback\Inner Tube\settings

the music mp3 files:

C:\Program Files\Cygnet\feedback\Inner Tube\audio

graphical elements for the tube:

C:\Program Files\Cygnet\feedback\Inner Tube\textures\tube


The column descriptions in the first line of the configuration files are quite self-explanatory. If you don't exactly know what changing a parameter would mean, just try it.

We cannot provide support for this configuration 'feature', but you are welcome to discuss your experiences or setting with others on the forum. 

If you create a new set that you think is especially well suited for certain client groups, we are happy to make this available to others by building an easy to use installer.

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