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About twice a year EEG Info releases a Neurofeedback software update. It is important to us that you always work with the newest and best possible software. Therefore, Cygnet® software updates for self installation, are for free. At the bottom of this page we explain how to check if there is an update available. All your feedback game licenses stay valid after updating Cygnet®, even if feedback games are improved. If there are any new feedback games, they are included as trial versions for testing. Make sure, that your PC complies to the PC requirement, before you are downloading and installing new Cygnet® versions.

Please consider the following notices so that your Cygnet® update will be installed without any problems:
1) In general I would like to recommend to have your computer serviced by a professional, unless you enjoy maintaining your computer by yourself. It is a similar situation as with cars, where most people go to a garage.

2) Please NEVER do any changes on your system immediately before a Neurofeedback session. Every change on your computer can lead to unforeseen problems, even if these are seldom. Take your time and bear in mind that you might have to ask your IT support for help.

3) Regardless if you are buying a new system or using a system you already have: Make sure that the minimum system requirements are fulfilled. You can read more on the system requirements under the following link: System requirements

4) Don´t forget to make backups of your system on a regular basis! Computers are not as reliable as one might think. If your computer fails it can have a huge impact on your practice. You can read more about backups under the following link: Computers and backups

5) Regarding the backups: Always perform a backup or at least a restore point in Windows before you install anything new. In the unlikely case that anything goes wrong during installation, you can restore the old state of your system. You of course should know how that works. If the patients are awaiting their treatment, such a problem can lead to stress. Therefore, please consider points 1) and 2).

6) Of course we do our very best to make sure that the software is programmed correctly and that the system works without faults after the installation of a full version or an update. But, please note that we cannot guarantee it, because the computer is not serviced by us.

Before you install a Cygnet update or full version, in addition to making sure that the minimum system requirements are fulfilled, please check that:

a) All Windows updates are installed. In case this has not been done for a longer time, such an update can take up to half a day, especially if you have a slow internet connection.
b) There is no security software installed or, better, a new version of Norton Internet Security is installed. Cygnet was qualified on systems that were running this security software. Therefore, we can recommend Norton Internet Security.
c) If possible, the newest version of the graphics adapter driver should be installed. You can normally obtain the driver from the manufacturer of the graphics adapter or from the manufacturer of your computer.
d) The user account control is a Windows feature that was implemented with Vista. Some problems can be associated with this feature, therefore it can help to turn the user account control off.

7) Meanwhile the Cygnet® package is 5GB large. You can download the software for free in the member area. If you wish, we can also send you the software on a DVD or a memory stick for a fee.
We invest much effort into the development not only of the software but also into the development of the installer. You only need to have all files that are needed for the installation copied onto your computer (this is done automatically via the link mentioned above) and then run the executable file in this package. Depending on your computer everything is installed within 5-15 minutes and you can get started.

If you really do need support sometime, we are happy to help. Please contact us by telephone or, even better, through our support contact form:


Please note that the first Cygnet® installation is included in the price for the Neurofeedback set. Even though most customers prefer to install the software themselves, we can help you with it, for example via an online support connection.
If you would like to install the software on a second system or on a computer that you have purchased later, we need to charge a fee for the support.

In any case it is important that all requirements of points (2) to (6) are fulfilled. We cannot and may not perform such things on your system.

Here is how to check if there is a newer version of Cygnet® available: Just select “About” in the “Help”-menu and click the “Check for Updates” button. If there is a more recent version of Cygnet than the one you have installed available, you can download a little download software by selecting “Download Baseversion” in the “Cygnet® Update Center”-window. The download software manages the download of the Cygnet® installation files and automatically starts the installation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have questions.

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New Cygnet® version released

The new Cygnet® version 2.0.5 now has been released [more]

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