Backup, Import, Export of your Client Data

Your client data is important. We highly recommend doing Backups regularly!

Always a plus: backups of your whole system – using either the Windows backup functions or special backup software.

In this article we want to show you how to easily back up your client data in Cygnet in addition.

Step 1 – Export your client data

Open Cygnet und select “Cygnet -> Open Session Folder“, in the Cygnet menu. A window will pop up, with one folder for each of your clients.


Mark all shown files and folders (Tip: CTRL+A). Now click on one of the client folders (right mouse button) and select: „Send to -> compressed (zipped) folder“.

Feel free to rename the new created zip-File (here: „Backup_Mai2013“). It does now contain all your client data. Save the zip-File on an extra hard drive – a second (external) hard drive, a USB-drive or burn it to a disc.

Step 2 – Import your client data

The Backup file created in Step 1 can now be used to e.g. import your client data on another computer with Cygnet or to recover your client data after a system crash.

Open Cygnet and call „Cygnet -> Open Session Folder“, to open your session folder. Copy your backup file (zip) into this folder (Tip: CTRL-C -> CTRL-V).

Click on the backup file (right mouse button) and select „Extract all…“. 

In the following window you will have to modify the path under „Files will be copied to this folder“: Mark and remove the last part of the path – the name of the session file. In our example: „Backup_SessionReport_Mai2013“.

Clicking on ‘Extract’ will finish the data import and your client data will be available again.



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