Neurofeedback in Media

Radio Interview with Siegfried Othmer from 2014 August 6th at The Aware Show

Neurofeedback for Enlightened Awareness (Link to The Aware Show)

Article from Deutschlandradio Kultur from 2014 April 21st (in German)

About the book by Niels Birbaumer (Link to Deutschlandradio Kultur)

TV article at ORF Niederösterreich heute from 04.04.2014

La Vita- Heilende Hirnströme (Link to ORF-Article)

Article Niederösterreichische Nachrichten Week 06/2014 (in German)

Training fürs Gehirn (Druckversion/PDF/1.28 MB)

Article from from 2013, September 6th (in German)

International anerkannte Therapie in Österreich noch wenig bekannt  (Link to

Article from Ärztezeitung, 2011, December 14th (in German)

ADHS: Hirnströme steuern Computer (link to Ärzte Zeitung online)

Article from Gehirn&Geist from 2011, September 16th

Das ist wie Radfahren (Link to www.Gehirn&Geist)

Article from from 2010 January 06th (in German)

Selbsthilfe für Zappelphilippe (Druckversion/PDF/68KB)

Article from Ärzte from 2009, March 20th

Biofeedback: Entspannung für schlafgestörte Patienten  (Link to Ä

Article from The Witness (Südafrika) from 2009, January 29th

Retraining the brain (Link zu The Witness)

Article from from 2009, January 16th (in German)

Gehirn: Neurofeedback hilft Kindern mit ADHS (Link to

Article from newspaper Erlanger Nachrichten from 2009, January 15th (in German)

Hilfe für ADHS-Kinder (Druckversion/PDF/20KB)

Article from Ärzte from 2009, January 14th (in German)

Neurofeedback: Neuer Therapiebaustein gegen "Zappelphilipp-Syndrom" (Link to Ärzte

Article from FAZ.NET from 2008, March 15th (in German)

FAZ.NET-Spezial: Gehirntraining
Fangen wir an, gut über unser Gehirn zu denken (Druckversion/PDF/133KB)

Article from The Times from 2006, November 27th

Physical therapy for the brain (Download/PDF/66.2KB)

Article from NY Times from 1997, November 11th (Jim Robbins in German)

Biofeedback verspricht Hilfe bei hyperaktiven Kindern (PDF/68KB)

NFL Video

Everything to prove Episode 20 Part 2 (Link to NFL Video)



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