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Become a member of our international community that has been constantly growing since 1985 and profit from a variety of benefits and discounts!

With the premium membership we support you as professionals in your daily work: clinically, technically and with marketing. Furthermore you profit from many attractive discounts!

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What are your advantages of a Premium Membership?

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The EEG Info newsletter is posted every two months and contains information about the neurofeedback field, new products, course announcements and much more.

Minimal down-time: when your system fails we send you a replacement device

Is your NeuroAmp or QIK device broken but you need it in order to keep your practice running? Call us!
If you call us until 11:00 am, in Switzerland we will send you a replacement device with A-post, in Germany with Express, so that you can continue your work quickly. You may keep the replacement device for max. 3 weeks, until your own device is repaired.

Please send your broken device (NeuroAmp/QIK) to us immediately.

Please note that you must send the replacement device back to us immediately after you receive your repaired equipment.

This service also applies if the implied warranty of your device has already expired. Your implied warranty is not affected by this service.

The terms of use for our rent- and/or test devices apply here.

This service is only available for Germany and Switzerland at the moment.

Exchange experiences with colleagues and get help from EEG Info experts in the EEG Info forum

In our discussion forum you can
- Ask questions regarding practical application (therapy) and also regarding software and hardware
- Exchange experiences with colleagues
- Support others with your knowledge and experience

Professional flyers for your practice!

You receive 200 brochures for 12, or 100 brochures for 6 months of membership.

You can find more information about our brochures in the area Products – Advertising Material.

Monthly clinical supervision: Professional support from our therapist team

The supervisions are held monthly in a group telephone conference. During your membership you can participate in every of these supervisions free of cost.

Minimal down-time in case of computer defect by shipment of an EEG Info laptop for bypassing

In case, your Neurofeedback computer turned out, we will send you, as Premium Member, one of or EEG Info laptops with Cygnet for bypassing for max. 3 weeks.
By phonecall until 11am, we will do shipment with A-Post in Switzerland and Express in Germany.

Our terms for rental units and/or test equipment will apply.

This service is only available for Germany and Switzerland at the moment.

40 % discount on advanced neurofeedback course

You can find a list of our upcoming advanced courses in the area Training.

10 % discount on specific neurofeedback courses

You can find a list of our upcoming specific courses in the area Training.

12-month contract duration - monthly fee only 62,50 EUR / 62,50 CHF

The EUR prices are valid for shipments within the EU Member States only. For all other countries the CHF prices apply. Memberships with special conditions, do not include flyers.

Contract duration: 12 months. The membership fee must be paid in advance for the entire contract duration - after you order a membership we will send you an invoice. If payment is made until the 20. day of a month, the membership will begin at the first day of the succeeding month, otherwise at the first day of the month after the next month.  

The membership is not extended automatically. 5-6 weeks before your contract ends you will receive an invoice for 12 more months. The membership is only extended if you pay for this invoice. Otherwise, or if you explicitely cancel the membership, your membership will end at the end of the contract duration.

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I bindingly sign up for the 12 months EEG Info Membership Premium and confirm, that I am minimum 18 years old. The 6 months option is not offered any longer even it can be choosen in the payment conditions.

Please be aware, that your posts in the forum will appear under the username you choose! User names can not be changed later. An e-mail address is not a valid user name. 

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New Cygnet® version released

The new Cygnet® version 2.0.5 now has been released [more]

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