E-Mail-Subscription of new posts and topics

Keep track of a certain topic

If you are interested in a certain topic of the forum and want to be informed each time a new post concerning this topic is written, you can "keep track" of this topic. Just click at the bottom in the area "Options" on the link "On" below the letter symbol:

The letter will then turn orange.

From now on you will receive an email each time someone has contributed an article on this subject!

Keep track of a forum

In the same way you can also keep track of a specific forum and receive an email each time a new topic is created in this forum. In order to keep track of a forum, just click at the bottom, in the area "Options" on the link "On" below the letter symbol:

The letter will then turn orange.

Important: You will now be informed by email each time someone creates a new topic in the forum. But you will not be informed when someone writes a new post within one of the topics of the forum (only if you are keeping track of one or more of these topics - see above).

If you in principle want to be informed about all new posts in the EEG Info forum, we recommend you to subscribe to new posts via RSS feed. This is easy to do, for example via Outlook (but only from Outlook version 2007 on) or with an easy-to-install RSS software. You will find instructions for doing so on the Overview page.

Topics you are keeping track of

If you want to know which forums and topics you are currently keeping track of at a glance, then just click in the left menu on "Personal Area" and then on "Watched topics". You will then see the following list:

Here you can also delete topics or forums from your list of followed items.



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