EEG Info Forum - How to use and get informed about updates

EEG Info Forum is very easy to use.

The basic idea is to provide a place for the community to discuss all kinds of questions. Please do not hesitate to ask what you want to discuss- don't feel embarrassed- most people think their questions are silly- there are no silly questions (maybe silly answers, though ;-) )

To write a question, you need to be logged on. Start a topic and wait for someone to answer.
There are three ways to see if someone answered your post:

a) You check regularly on the website. You could put a shortcut to the forum on your desktop to make access easy.

b) The forum can inform you via e-Mail about new posts. All you need to do is to subscribe to a topic and you'll get an email once someone writes a comment. Details: Get informed by e-mail - using the watch-function of forum

c) RSS feed: that is the most advanced technology that the internet provides today in order to make people's lives easier. Of course, we provide that here, too. RSS is a technology that checks a website or a forum for changes for you. You simply receive an email-like information if someone added information in the forum. 


It is important to us that you profit from the forum! If you have trouble getting started or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!



Forum Rules

  1. There are no posts allowed that have a provocative, aggressive, pornographic, violent, discriminatory, defamatory, rights violating or offensive content and / or damage someone’s reputation or business and / or invite others to criminal actions. Also prohibited are links to sites with such content. It is also prohibited to discriminate, insult, threaten, and / or to harass other forum users.
  2. All posts in the forum must be anonymized and may not contain the client names, personal data or other identifying information whatsoever. 
  3. Copyrighted content may be published only with the consent of the author and the source is to be published in the forum.
  4. It is forbidden to copy posts of this forum in whole or in part and to publish these in other forums, websites, magazines, etc.. 
  5. Reference to third-party websites is only permitted if they fit the topic and if their content does not violate the rules of this forum. 
  6. Posts with advertising content and spam, chain letters, junk mail is prohibited. 
  7. Posts with demonstrably false content are prohibited.
  8. Posts with content that has nothing to do with the topics of our forum (offtopic posts) interfere with the clarity and the flow of discussion and are not allowed.
  9. It is only one user name per person in the forum allowed.
  10. It is not allowed to offer goods in the forum

    We reserve the right to delete messages that are not conforming to the forum rules without notice to the person who posted them. 

    The forum user is solely responsible for the accuracy of his or her contributions and the resulting legal consequences. We also reserve the right to permanently suspend the user in case of repeated violation of the forum rules. 
    All posts in the forum must be anonymized and may not contain the client names, personal data or other identifying information whatsoever. In the case of breach of secrecy the forum user incures a penalty against § 203 clause 1 no. 1 StGB.


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