Receiving RSS-Feeds with free RSS-Owl

If you want to be informed each time someone contributes a new article, you will need a RSS reader, that means a program that can read and display the RSS feeds from the EEG Info forum.

In the following seven simple steps we will explain the installation and configuration of such an RSS reader. As an example, we have chosen the free program “RSS Owl”, which is available for all common operating systems. Don´t worry, this is easy and quick to do!

1. Click on the following link (a new page will open):

2. Choose the correct installation file for your operating system (for Windows the upper file named “”) and make a click on it.

You will get to the download page of and the file is automatically downloaded to your computer. Notice: If you get the message "JVM not compatible" when opening RSS Owl, please download the latest Java version from:

3. Open the downloaded (zip.-)file on your computer and unpack the program files into a folder of your choice.

4. Open the program folder and make a double click on the file “RSSOwl” or “RSSOwl.exe”. You can also copy this file to your desktop or install a shortcut in order to have quick access to your RSS feeds anytime.

5. Now you see the user interface of RSS Owl. There are already many RSS feeds established here. If you don´t want to have them, then select the whole list and press the button “delete”.

6. Now we can start to set up the RSS feed of the EEG Info forum. First, please click on the green “+” in the upper left.

7. Then fill in the following URL into the address line:
Then click on “finish” to confirm the entry.

Finished! Now you can automatically receive the newest entries on the EEG Info forum and are therefore always up-to-date.



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