A fast growing number of universities, hospitals, practices, and also facilities in the area of peak performance sports are successfully applying the neurofeedback approach thought bei EEG Info (Othmer Method).
Main clinical areas today are child- and adolescent psychiatry and addiction treatment.

Not all facilities want to be listed as reference on a supplier's web page. Instead of a incomplete directory we offer to establish the contact to facilities that work in your area of interest. The specific networking between users is an important piece besides supervision, quality circles and courses to get up to speed with neurofeedback.

Please just contact us. We will be happy to get you in contact with others working in your field.



Visit us from 13.-15. September at the SGPP Congress in Bern/Switzerland,... [more]

New Cygnet® version released

The new Cygnet® version 2.0.5 now has been released [more]

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