HBimed Brain Diagnostics

The Swiss HBImed AG is leading in EEG-based methods for the analysis of brain function. In frame of own R&D projects as well as in frame of international cooperations HBImed has developed an analysis service, which allows MDs deep insight in the specific processing functions of their patient's brains. Key is HBImed's ERP database for comparison to healthy subjects of the same age group. Event-related potentials (also evoked potentials) allow for detailed analysis of how a brain processes information.

Neurofeedback does not directly relate to the EEG-based diagnosis of mental health issues. EEG Info and HBImed share the view that there is no evidence for the efficacy of the so-called "QEEG-based Neurofeedback" and therefore dismiss it.

EEG Info and HBImed stand for evidence-based methods and only promote approaches which are supported sufficiently by literature and own research. Furthermore, both companies invest heavily in advanced research projects.

HBImed's technology allows for more objective diagnosis of mental health issues and by that for a more targeted, personalized therapeutic intervention ("personalized medicine"), which may include neurofeedback. The cooperation helps EEG Info to have an informed opinion about QEEG. EEG Info also uses HBImed technology for own R&D projects and pre-post analysis of the effects of specific neurofeedback protocols.



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