Neurofeedback Course-Basic

05. Oct - 09. Oct 2020
G81 4SA Glasgow (GB)

Course Content

The seminar is thought to be in step with actual practice, offering you the necessary tools you will need for your everyday clinical practice.

For this you will work in groups of two or three people with a system placed by us at your disposal, reversing roles as "therapist" and "patient".

The procedure and interpretation of the training results for each participant will be discussed in small groups under supervision of experienced EEGInfo instructors.

Focus is the method developed during the last 30 years by the heads of EEG Institute, Mr. and Mrs. Othmer.

The seminar is directed towards people with therapeutic experience, who are interested in Neurofeedback and would like to learn this highly efficient approach in theory and practice.

After this course, you will be able to use Neurofeedback in your practice. 
This symptom-based and process-oriented Neurofeedback approach aims particularly at experienced therapists. Learn from the originators of this method and the infra-low frequency training (ILF)!

Course language


After attending the course you will be able to

  • understand the Neurofeedback training process
  • master the handling of the Neurofeedback system
  • assess new clients to determine their eligibility for Neurofeedback training
  • Neurofeedback protocols for clinical and peak performance application
  • to assess the progression and completion of the training

    This is what you will learn

    • You will learn about technical foundations of EEG signal processing and fundamental functions of systems.
    • Mechanisms of neurophysiological self-regulation and how specific patterns of dysregulation lead to physical, emotional and behavioral symptoms.
    • You will experience yourself how fast and specific Neurofeedback effects can be.
    • Assessment tools that allow new insight into your client's symptoms and guide neurofeedback training.
    • Gain knowledge that will allow you to incorporate neurofeedback into your clinical practice.
    • Begin empowering your clients to function better and increase their ability to benefit from other therapies.

      Course schedule in detail

      As the course schedule will be updated for each course this list is thought as a non-binding general overview.

      • Technical basic concepts
      • 10-20 system and electrode placements
      • Demonstration of a Neurofeedback session
      • 3-axis model for a better understanding of Neurofeedback effects
      • Symptom profiles and basic Neurofeedback protocols
      • Neurofeedback and medication
      • Contraindications
      • Assessment
      • Protocol development
      • Treatment plan and assessment of results
      • Feedback animations and further options
      • Follow-up
      • "CPT" - Continuous Performance Test
      • Follow-up with  "Symptom Tracking"
      • Completion test and evaluation
      • What’s next”?

      Every day:

      • Individual training in groups of 2, reversing roles of „therapist“ and  “patient”
      • Optimizing the training protocol
      • Discussion of personal training results  


      Day 1 - 4: from 8.30 until 6pm

      Day 5:     from 8.30 until 4pm


      Familiarity with the content of the following books will be assumed but is not mandatory:

      • Protocol Guide by S. Othmer
      • Restoring the Brain by Hanno W. Kirk (Ed.)
      • Symphony in the Brain by Jim Robbins
      • The Brain: The Story of you by David Eagleman

        Neurofeedback equipment

        For the practicum we supply equipment for groups of two or three, but you are welcome to bring your own equipment.

        In case you bring your own computer, please make sure that it fulfills the necessary specifications.

        Please remember to bring – if necessary- a German adapter for your electronic devices.

        Customer testimonials

        Excellent course that I do recommend for beginners in the field of neurofeedback.

        Mahmoud Elwasify, Professor of Psychiatry

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        Why EEG Info?

        • One of the leading Neurofeedback providers
        • 25 years of experience in Neurofeedback
        • Lots of practicum
        • You can start working with Neurofeedback immediately
        • Always up-to-date because of own research
        • Extensive support after the course
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