Elena Llamas

Psychologist, Director of the Clinic of NeuroVitalia at Las Palmas

Elena LLamas is a psychologist specialized to Neuropsicology. She also has a master in cognitive behavioral therapy, certified by I.S.E.P, at Madrid, with wide clinical experience. She is directing the consult of Neurovitalia at La Palmas and during the last years has integrated Neurofeedback into her practice. She lectures in Spanish.

  • Master in Clinical Psychology of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy by AEPCCC.
  • Master in Neuropsychology by ISEP.
  • 6 years experience in psychotherapy at privet consult
  • 4 years experience with Neurofeedback
  • Teacher at Spanish Neurofeedback course since 2014
  • Director of the Clinic of NeuroVitalia at Las Palmas.


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