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  February 2018


Cygnet -
The yellow "Signal" bar: backgrounds and how to avoid that the bar supposedly is stuck

Via the yellow "Signal" bar (formerly "Reward") Cygnet indicates how much EEG activity of the very slow frequency range (low ILF) is currently recorded. For the certain games, the amount of measured "Signal" activity is then more or less directly translated into feedback parameter (e.g. the velocity of the rocket in InnerTube). Therefore, it is often assumed that the yellow bar graph is an indicator of the effectiveness of the Neurofeedback training, but this is not the case!
A couple of users report that the yellow bar sometimes is not moving at all for several minutes. How can this happen?

The most likely cause of a stuck yellow "Signal" bar is a large jump in voltage during an EEG measurement at an electrode or at an electrode input of the NeuroAmp amplifier.
Such large jumps in voltage can originate due to the therapists (mechanical) manipulation on the electrodes, e.g. when they are placed on the skin. Of course, such handling of the electrodes cannot be prevented but the therapist can avoid to touch the electrodes after the EEG recording has been started, i.e. when a session is running!
Thus, it is strongly recommended to only start a session after all electrodes have been placed and after their impedances have been checked and evaluated to be fine (= green LED's).

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From now on Jette Myglegaard,  is our new partner in Denmark.
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Next Courses 
In April 2018 EEG Info will be holding a Neurofeedback basic course in English language in Hamburg/Germany.

In June 2018 EEG Info will be holding a QEEG + ERP basic course in English language in Winterthur/Switzerland.


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