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  July 2017


As every year, the Clinical Summit in the U.S. is the moment to present new products and services.
There are:

  • The new Cygnet version 2.0.5 with:
     - two new feedback games: Arcade and Virtual Reality
     - Extension of the frequency range down to 0.001
     - extended analysis of the combination sensor data, especially the Stress  Index
    - and many smaller additions such as more functions of the Advanced Media Player, with compatibility with more DVDs.

  • Combination Sensor for acquisition of Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), Temperature and Heart Rate

  • Protocol Guide, 6th edition

In Detail:
1. Clinical Summit, available online until year-end
This year, the focus was even more on case discussions. For the first time, the Clinical Summit has been streamed time-shifted all day long so that people from all time zones were able to watch.
Pre-recorded videos about uses of devices such as the combination sensor or the pIRx3, as well as interviews are shown during the breaks.

A new feature: the Clinical Summit will be available for streaming until the end of the year.
So, if you did not sign up yet, you are still welcome to do so, for a price of USD 297,- (it could take a few days until all material is uploaded):
Get the Live Stream
2. Cygnet 2.0.5
The easiest way to get Cygnet 2.0.5 is the "Check-for-Updates" function in Cygnet -> Help -> About. This will download a small program which will then organize the download of all Cygnet files (approx. 12 gigabytes) and start the installation.
A short technical note: Please make sure to have run Windows update prior to the installation. Outdated virus definitions could trigger Windows Defender to delete parts of Cygnet.
3. Combination Sensor
After many delays starting the production, this sensor is finally available for everybody. Conveniently and almost un-noticed, it will measure at one finger heart rate, temperature and galvanic skin response. All values are shown clearly arranged in the Cygnet right panel over a variable time axis. In addition, the trend of the stress index (according to Baevski) is shown.

Product description CombiSensor
4. New Feedback-Game "Arcade"
After more than a year pre-clinical test application for qualification and the finishing touch we can say: this collection of 25 fun games is extremely popular with clients. 100 possible hours of engaging play ensure new experiences of the entire therapy phase while having consistent, clear feedback in all games. There is a comprehensive manual in Cygnet -> Help.

Product description Arcade

5. Virtual Reality
Also in intensive testing: Virtual Reality feedback animations. Here, we are really in uncharted waters. Be among the first who offer this unparalleled modern medium for neurofeedback. You'll need an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, and a "VR-Ready" computer. We are happy to help with the selection. See the comprehensive Manual in Cygnet -> Help.

6. Protocol Guide, 6th edition
This comprehensively revised sixth edition is avalable now online in English, and very soon in German, as well as printed version in a few weeks.
7. Special offer for our customers
Significantly increasing requirements by the medical devices regulations make increase of prices inevitable.
Despite the new prices effective soon, we offer you the old prices for a NeuroAmp II or an additional neurofeedback system until August 31st.
Due date for the order is August 31st.

Next Courses 
In October 2017 EEG Info will be holding a Neurofeedback basic course in English language in Berg/Germany.

In Novemberr 2017 EEG Info will be holding a QEEG + ERP basic and advanced course in English language in Vienna/Austria.



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