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  May 2017

  QIKtest, EEG Expert and Symptom-Tracking -
a powerful trio to monitor the progress and success of a Neurofeedback therapy

Before, during and at the end of each Neurofeedback therapy, it is desirable to be able to make objective statements about the patient's problem as well as the progression of the therapy. For this purpose, two very different approaches are currently available.

The one – complex – approach is based on the measurement of event-related potentials (ERP's) during the recording of a full EEG. Our subsidiary HBImed is currently developing such a system. The aim is to use a practicable, modern analysis for Biomarker to provide statistically valid statements about the diagnosis or the course of the therapy.
Technically much easier but nevertheless very helpful for assessment and success monitoring is the combination of QIKtest, EEG-Expert with standardized QIKtest evaluation and symptom-tracking.

That is how it works:
1. The QIKtest is a solitary, computer-independent device to measure reaction times in high-precision during a 21 minutes lasting test procedure. The analysis of the test is done at EEG-Expert, an online service, and carried out by comparison with a very large standardized database.
2. The QIKtest usually is done prior to the first Neurofeedback session and repeated after 10-20 sessions and at the end of the therapy. Comprehensive reports by EEG-Expert show whether and how e.g. attention parameters have changed. What is interesting: the test is not only suitable for ADHD, but also for many mental disorders and even to control the progress of other types of therapy.
3. "Symptom-Tracking" is another feature offered by EEG-Expert: before each therapy session the patient is asked to give a rating (according to a subjective perception) for various symptoms, which have been defined at the beginning of the therapy. After analysis and graphic representation, the progression of the various symptoms is comprehensible and can be documented.

The comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the attention tests with symptom tracking is carried out for a small fee per patient.

Since 2002, EEG-Expert  has been an established service with extensive knowledge in the integration of test results, medical history and progression of the patient during therapy.
Cygnet User Tip -
Use Anti-virus software might lead to problems with Cygnet

Recently, customer complaints have been growing that Cygnet is no longer working and that the startup process is canceled with the message "Invalid Exit Code -2". In another case, Cygnet would run normally but no report could be generated. Instead, a "Local Host Error" occurred at the end of each NFB session.
In all these cases, the anti-virus programs "Kaspersky" and "Avast" could be identified as a cause!
Apparently, after an (automatic) update of their virus signature file, these (and maybe also other) protection software are "identifying" different subprograms of Cygnet wrongly (!!!) as malicious software and move them into their 'quarantine'.

What should be done in such a case?
1.) Open the 'quarantine' in the anti-virus program and restore all entries that have "bioera" or "SomaticVision" in the name.
2.) Then, define all these Cygnet sub-programs as an "exception" for future virus checks.
3.) For safety reasons, reinstall Cygnet.

Our recommendation:
The protection, which is integrated to Windows since Windows 7 ("Microsoft Security Essentials") is sufficient for most applications. Cygnet was developed and qualified on computers that either used "Microsoft Security Essentials" or "Norton Internet Security" for virus and firewall protection.
Our experiences are exclusively constrained to this protection software and therefore we recommend only the mentioned products.


Next Courses 
In October 2017 EEG Info will be holding a Neurofeedback basic course in English language in Berg/Germany.


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