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  November 2016

  New Cygnet Version

There is a new Cygnet version available. In a few cases, with the version problems with graphical hesitations in the EEG trace were observed. This did not influence the feedback, but nonetheless it was annoying. This problem was solved in version Further changes are:
  • major platform change: utilization of a full 64-bit architecture
  • much faster start-up time
  • improved right panel regarding performance, client management, sensor graphics
  • Advanced Media Player: update of platform to latest standard, added Kindle reader and YouTube player
  • Improvements in DDX, Hyperpong, Dreamscapes, Alpha Theta Reflections
  • Easier client selection (enter first letter of the name)

For downloading the new Cygnet version please start your Cynet as usual and then:
  1. Click on the menu "Help"
  2. Click "About"
  3. Click "Check for Updates"
You will be linked to an installer which will download the new version for you. You do not need a PIN-code. The download can take quite a while, depending on the speed of your internet connection. Please also make sure that your computer fulfills the specifications for the new Cygnet version before installing. There will be a corresponding question during the installation process.
You will find an overview of what needs to be considered with regard to the installation if you click the following link: Installation of EEG Info software Please note that it is essential that you have a professional support for your practice IT, including your neurofeedback computer, in order to have a well functioning system.

Need support? Please call +49 7731 2036895

What is BEE Medic?

Finally, 45 years after its discovery, neurofeedback is getting accepted as an effective complement to psychotherapy. The pioneering phase was characterized by small companies that have put forward innovative ideas with great commintment. The group around Siegfried and Susan Othmer is one such example. The close collaboration between clinicians, scientists and engineers has led to highly effective methods and systems which today are not only the most widely distributed in the market, but also create great enthusiasm among patients and therapists, which we are very proud of.

Becuase no one can be top-notch in all areas, from the outset we have relied on a network-like structure of companies and institutions, all of which are experts in their field. You have probably already noticed that EEG Info and BEE Medic are both listed on the invoices. From now on, these two entities will appear separately on the internet, EEG Info as a brand for the highly practical and effective neurofeedback method and provider of courses, supervision and certification, and BEE Medic as a provider of outstanding EEG systems for therapy, diagnostics and research.
You can place your orders as usual. Just send an email to or give us a call.

Cygnet User Tip - Handling of electrodes during session

If you want to change electrode position or want to adjust the electrodes in order to obtain better impedance readings during a session it is important to first pause or stop the session. After the electrodes have been adjusted, you can restart the session without problems.

If you manipulate the electrodes during a running session the electrical potentials will disturb the feedback system, potentially causing wrong feedback for the client.

Next Courses 

In March 2017 EEG Info will be holding a Neurofeedback Advanced course in English language in Berg near Munich/Germany.

In May 2017 EEG Info will be holding a Neurofeedback basic course in English language in Hamburg/Germany.


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