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  April 2016

  New Cygnet Version

There is a new Cygnet version available. In a few cases, with the version problems with the report function were observed. This problem and also a few other minor bugs were solved in version

For downloading the new Cygnet version please start your Cynet as usual and then:
  1. Click on the menu "Help"
  2. Click "About"
  3. Click "Check for Updates"
You will be linked to an installer which will download the new version for you. The download can take quite a while, depending on the speed of your internet connection. Please also make sure that your computer fulfills the specifications for the new Cygnet version before installing. There will be a corresponding question during the installation process.
You will find an overview of what needs to be considered with regard to the installation if you click the following link: Installation of EEG Info software

Need support? Please call +49 7731 2036895

Feedback Animations
HyperPong Infinity and Particle World

If you are already using Cygnet version, then you have access to the newer feedback animations Hyper Pong Infinity (Addon to Hyper Pong Basic module) und Particle World (Addon to Particle Editor).

If you already use Hyper Pong, you can purchase the Addon Hyper Pong Infinity für EUR 225.- / CHF 234.-, so that you can use the complete Hyper Pong pack. If you are not using Hyper Pong yet, you can purchase the complete package for EUR 405.- / CHF 420.-.

If you already use Particle Editor, you can purchase Particle World for EUR 279.- / CHF 299.-, so that you can use the complete Particle World pack. If you are not using Particle Editor yet, you can purchase Particle World for EUR 479.- / CHF 499.-.

Cygnet User Tip - Cygnet and Windows 10

If you want to purchase a new computer now, it is likely to be equipped with the Windows 10 operating system. Also, Microsoft recommends an upgrade to Windows 10. Therefore, we are often asked if Cygnet is compatible with Windows 10.

Cygnet is qualified for Windows 10, therefore, from our point of view there is no reason not to upgrade to Windows 10. But, we would like to point out, that after upgrading other software might not run properly.

Next Courses 
In September 2016 EEG Info will be holding a Neurofeedback basic course in English language in Berg/Germany.


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