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   Febuary 2015

  New book: Restoring the Brain...

Restoring the Brain: Neurofeedback as an Integrative Approach to Health
by Hanno W. Kirk (Editor)

This book describes the history and process by which neurofeedback has become an effective tool for treating many mental and behavioral health conditions. It explains how new brain research and improvements in imaging technology (fMRI, SPECT) allow for the reconceptualization of brain function and of dysfunction and describes how practitioners can integrate neurofeedback into their medical practice. It also discusses how biomedical factors can degrade brain functioning and cause a wide range of mental health symptoms. The book shares the clinical experience of practitioners working with specific symptom constellations which would generally be categorized by a DSM diagnostic label.

Authors, a.o.: Hanno Kirk, Siegfried Othmer, Meike Wiedemann, Roxana Sasu
You can buy this book from May 15th, 2015 on. 
ISBN-13: 978-1482258776

Courses Spring 2015 
In April 2015 EEG Info will be holding a Neurofeedback Advanced course and QEEG/ERP Basic course in English language in Berg near Munich in Germany.

The Advanced course is designed to provide updates from the EEG Institute as well as allow ample time for sharing strategies and results with other Neurofeedback clinicians. The new Cygnet modules, such as the 2-channel-HD and the 2-channel Synchrony module, are presented.
The 3-day course is intended for attendees that have participated in the introductory course and have been working with the Othmer approach since at least about one year.
HBImed AG offers QEEG courses, in cooperation with EEG Info.
Learn about the acquisition and analysis of quantitative EEGs (QEEGs) and evoked  potentials (ERPs) and mental disorders. This method enables a more precise diagnosis and a personalized therapeutic intervention in terms of medication and therapy.

  Trade Fair announcement: therapie Leipzig 2015

therapie Leipzig is the major meeting place for professional visitors from acute and rehabilitation clinics, out-patient rehabilitation centres, as well as from medical and therapy centres from all over Germany.
The comprehensive range of offerings presented at the trade fair and the interdisciplinary professional development of the congress form one unit in this context.
therapie Leipzig 2015 from 19th to 21st March 2015 For more information click here .

We would like to welcome you at our booth.
You will find us in Hall 1 Stand C 38.
Messe-Allee 1, 04356 Leipzig / Germany

User Tip
Balance display on the NeuroAmp

You probably know this from your practice: The impedance readings of all electrodes on your NeuroAmp show green and the balance display above the impedance display shows red. 
The balance bar shows how well the impedances of Active (+) and Reference (-) of one EEG-channel match. Optimum balancing of the impedances within one channel maximizes noise canceling by the EEG amplifier, because the amplifier subtracts the two signals gained from the active and reference electrodes. The noise signal is supposed to be equal for both electrodes, but only if the impedances are the same. In case of very good electrode contacts (green) a red in the balance bar may be tolerated. The user is responsible to decide if the signal quality is sufficient. If the impedance readings are not all in the green range, then you should make sure that the balance reading is yellow or green.



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