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   December 2014

  New software HyperPong Infinity

ADDon to HyperPong (requires HyperPong basic module) for Cygnet® only.
This game offers a new twist on the classic HyperPong game, with improved feedback. New features and improved design with over 200 new levels.
HyperPong Infinity is a ball and paddle game where you clear objects from a wide variety of levels.
It is playable with joystick, gamepad or autopilot.
Powerups that change the ball or paddle only last for a short time. Knowing what they do will help you efficiently use them during the short time they are active.
It is a challenging game for experienced players.
You can find the complete manual in your Cygnet Help menu .
The price is EUR 159.- excl. VAT.

QIK - Continuous Performance Test and report

As a therapist you need multiple sources of information for your work with patients and clients in order to get a comprehensive overview. You get valuable results from the evaluation of continuous performance tests.
With the QIK Test your client performs a 20-minute permanent attention test – during which every of the 600 reactions are being monitored with high precision. As soon as the test results are saved, you can upload them for evaluation on

On the website EEG Expert you create a record for each client for EUR 12,-.  Then you have as many tests with QIKtest and symptom tracking without additional costs. Automatically you receive for every test a 6-page record with colored charts, explanatory comments and the exact number of credits. EEG Expert is a comprehensive tool for combining test results, client histories and client progress reports.
EEG Expert provides you with versatile documents for your records, for your colleagues or for your patients and clients, either printed out or as a pdf-document.

Here you can view a QIK-test flyer


  No shipments during Christmas holidays

Our office will be closed from December 23rd 2014 until January 4th 2015. Orders placed until December 19th 2014 will be processed this year. The last shipping day in 2014 is December 22nd. We are happy to serve you again in 2015.

Cygnet-User Tip
Electrode placement for 2-channel Training

Two-channel training requires all five electrodes and careful attention to placement. The plus (or active) electrode for each channel can be placed on the scalp, for example at P3 or P4. Then the corresponding minus (or reference) electrode can be placed on the closer earlobe. The common ground can be placed anywhere on the head. We generally use Cz for the ground.
Alternatively, it is also possible to connect both minus channels to ground with jumper cables. Then you need only 3 electrodes, one on ground and the two active electrodes
The three inputs are connected with short jumper cables. One cable connects ground and channel 1 minus input. The second cable connects ground and channel 2 minus input. Thus all three inputs are connected together. We suggest that the reference/ground electrode be placed on or behind the ear as relatively “neutral” site.

You will find a description with pictures for a better understanding in your Cygnet manual (Page 45). You can access the manual via the "Help" menu in the newest Cygnet version
Please note: During impedance measurement the jumpers must be pulled out of the minus sockets, otherwise the impedance measurement will be faulty. Please do not forget to reattach the jumpers when continuing the neurofeedback session.


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