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   March 2014

  Neurofeedback Advanced Course in Germany

From March 29. - 31. 2014 EEGInfo will be holding a Neurofeedback Advanced Course in English language in Berg near Munich in Germany.
Lecturers will be Siegfried Othmer and Meike Wiedemann.

The Advanced course is designed to provide updates from the EEG Institute as well as allow ample time for sharing strategies and results with other Neurofeedback clinicians. The fairly new infra-low-frequency HD training that has shown astonishing results will also be subject of the course.
The 3-day course is intended for attendees that have participated in the introductory course and have been working with the Othmer approach since at least about one year.
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  Neurofeedback Basic Course in Malmö

From May 5th - 9th 2014 EEGInfo will be holding a
5-day introductory course in English language in Malmö, Sweden.

You will learn not only the theoretical basics but you will also have extensive opportunity to practice on our own approved systems that we supply for the practicum.
After attending the introductory course you will be able to immediately implement Neurofeedback into your practice.

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What is AlphaStim?

The AlphaStim AID has shown to be a useful complement to neurofeedback therapy. It is used to treat anxiety, insomnia and depression.
As a therapist you can give the device to your patients (for a fee) so that they can treat themselves at home in between neurofeedback sessions. This will not replace neurofeedback therapy but support it. The application is easy and non-invasive. The patient just clips electrodes to his earlobes in order to apply a small electric current.
If you want to treat chronic or acute pain in addition, the AlphaStim M is recommended.
Please contact us in case you have any questions regarding the AlphaStim. You can read more information about the AlphaStim devices here.

  Cygnet-User Tip
Software Updates 
Neurofeedback is constantly developing further. More than one century ago the famous German humorist Wilhelm Busch stated "One-two-three, in hasty race, time is running, we keep pace" and according to this motto EEGInfo is permanently adapting its Neurofeedback-software Cygnet to the ongoing changes in training methods and making it even more stable and user-friendly. We want you to always work with the newest and best Cygnet, free software updates are available for download several times per year. Thus, it is relatively easy to "keep pace" with the Neurofeedback training - especially, because all licenses of the Neurofeedback games stay valid after updating Cygnet. You can check directly in Cygnet whether an update is availble by clicking "About" in the "Help"-menue and then the "Check for Updates" button. Please read important notices so that your Cygnet update will be installed without any problems here.



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