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   October 2013 

  Using Cygnet 2.0 with the NeuroAmp I 

Please note that you can continue to work with your NeuroAmp I as you have done so far after installation of Cygnet 2.0. These devices are still supported by our software and there is no downside for you because of the release of NeuroAmp II. Only for using the new HD-ILF module you need the NeuroAmp II. NeuroAmps with a serial number 3000 and larger (you will find the serial number on the backside of your device) can be used with the HD module.

Download the newest Cygnet version:

The newest Cygnet version can be downloaded from our website. 

Just log in to our member area here . Then click on <Downloads> in the menu to the left. In the now opened window Downloads click on the link Cygnet 2.0 with ILF HD Modul. After that a new window  will appear. At the bottom of this window click on the link Download Cygnet 2.0. The online installer will download the necessary installation files and start the installation automatically.


Cygnet user tip
Check for Cygnet Updates

You donīt know if you are using the current version of Cygent?
Here is how to check it:
You start the Cygent software, with the NeuroAmp connected, as usual.
Once the program is loaded you click on <HELP> in the drop down menu, then on <About>.
In a new window the currently installed version is displayed.
To check if there is a newer version click right from the version number on <Check for Update>. This checks whether the latest version of Cygnet is installed on your computer.
If necessary, you can now download the latest version.


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