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   May 2013 

 How can I check if my electrodes are broken? 
Neurofeedback Introductory course in Malmö/Sweden 
  Cygnet User Tip: Working with Windows 8 


How can I check if my electrodes are broken?

Probably you have experienced this already: You have a bad EEG signal or when you press the "Check Impedance" button on your NeuroAmp only the lowest red LED lights up.


In these cases one of your electrodes could be broken. You do not have to exchange the whole set. With a simple test you can find out which electrode is broken. This one can then be exchanged by an electrode of the same material. The color of the electrode is not relevant.

This is how to perform the test: You plug 3 electrodes into the NeuroAmp sockets of channel 1. Even better is to plug electrodes into all five sockets (channel 1 and channel 2). Then you hang the electrodes into a glass of salt solution. You can dissolve some reagent grade salt in distilled water or a pea-sized piece of Ten20. This will make the water conductive and you should then get green readings on all impedance bars when pressing the "Check Impedance" button. The broken electrode will show as a red LED. Please note that the impedance meter always needs at least three working electrodes in order to measure. This is why you should connect all five electrodes, if possible. If only the middle bottom LED is red, then possibly the electrode plugged into the GND socket is broken. Exchange this one for another, because this electrode must always work for the test.

The impedance check should be performed routinely before each session because a broken electrode cannot always be seen in the EEG.



Neurofeedback Introductory Course in Malmö/Sweden

From May 29th to June 2nd 2013 EEG Info will be holding a Neurofeedback course in Malmö / Sweden. This is a great opportunity for therapists in the Scandinavian countries to learn Neurofeedback.


In case you want to get up-to-date or want to refresh your knowledge, please note that you are entitled to an up to 50% discount if you repeat the course.

You can find all information on the course here.



Cygnet-User Tip
Tip for Windows 8

If you buy a new computer nowadays, it will most probably come with the operating system Windows 8. Cygnet runs on Windows 8 without problems. 


Windows 8 looks different from the desktop environment that we know since Windows 95 - it starts with the so-called "Metro-Design". The familiar desktop can be started from this environment, though. Only, you will notice that the "Start" button is missing.

Fortunately, there is a workaround: The free program "Classic Shell" will not only restore the start button but also forces Windows 8 to start with the standard desktop.

Please also visit the section "Tips and Tricks" in our FAQ area on the EEG Info support page. 

Or just click here.  



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