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     Keeping you connected and wishing Happy Easter  
   March 2013 

 New Cygnet version 1.1.6 for download now 
New registration system for game codes 

Easter Special: AlphaStim SCS
  Cygnet User Tip: How to install a second screen 


New Cygnet version 1.1.6 for download now

You can now download the newest Cygnet version. As always at EEG Info for free!

Just click on the following link:

Download Cygnet Version_1.1.6(r6)

The online installer will download the necessary installation files and start the installation automatically.

New features:
- game codes are now registered on a specific NeuroAmp. Please read the following section of this newsletter
- improved timer

- new feedback launcher
- Session history
- finer reward tuning in the ILF module
- Check impedance can now be switched on/off in Cygnet
- new features in Tropical Heat
- many other small improvements
Questions? Contact us at or +49 7731 203447



New registration system for game codes

With the new version 1.1.6 of Cygnet the registration system for the game codes has changed. A game code will only register a product for a single NeuroAmp®. Registering your game codes to the NeuroAmp® shall make Cygnet® easier to use. You can now use your unlocked games on any other computer. Only your NeuroAmp® has to be connected to this computer. If you use multiple NeuroAmp® you must purchase multiple serial numbers.

When installing version 1.1.6 on your computer, please note:
If you have installed Cygnet® for the first time on your computer and are starting it up for the first time you don’t have to consider anything.

If there are games registered from an old Cygnet® installation on the computer they will be registered on the connected NeuroAmp® when you initially start up version 1.1.6. That is why the serial number of the connected NeuroAmp® is shown in the startup screen. If the correct NeuroAmp® is connected, to which the old game codes shall be registered, click „OK“ here. Otherwise click „Cancel“. Cygnet® will be closed. Connect the right NeuroAmp® and start Cygnet® again.




Easter Special: AlphaStim SCS

As an Easter special we would like to offer you the AlphaStim SCS - Stress Control System - for a reduced price:

Instead of EUR 399,- for EUR 349,-

Instead of CHF 479,- for CHF 419,-

This offer is valid until 12.04.2013, only as long as stocks last.

For details on the AlphaStim SCS please click here.




Cygnet-User Tip
How to connect a second monitor

For running the Cygnet software on the therapist screen and at the same time letting the client watch the feedback games on another screen, you need to connect a second screen to your computer.

In case you do not know how to do that already and are interested, please visit the section "Tips and Tricks" in our FAQ area on the EEG Info support page. 

Or just click here.  



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