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   November 2012

Business Card and Therapist Seal - Marketing for your Practice


Marketing for your Practice:
EEG Info Business Card and
New Therapist Seal for your Website

We want you to be successful with Neurofeedback!
Of course your best marketing is your clinical success.That is why we provide you with good equipment and the best possible support.
Internet marketing is also very important these days.
EEG Info invests much time and money into it´s website. 
We want you, our customers, to profit from this effort.

Here is how to do it:

1. Create an entry in the therapist directory. We want you to have as few barriers as possible, therefore, the basic entry is free

2. In case you decide to become a premium member, you will receive a small website within the therapist directory. There you can not only present information about yourself and your practice, but can also link to your own website from there. Thereby, your website profits from the high search engine rank of EEG Info.  

3. If you want to, you can display all courses you have attended at EEG Info in your business card in the tharapist listing.   
4. You can document on your website that you are working according to the Othmer method. If you have attended an introductory- or a Cygnet course and have purchased a system with feedback games from us, then you can display a «seal» on your website, that shows others that you have been trained in Neurofeeback by EEG Info.
This seal will also increase your search engine ranking 

Do you want to know how to implement these things? Then please click here for detailed instructions
Questions? Then please contact us:

We are glad to help! 



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