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   September 2012

 Neurofeedback for US Soldiers - Results in the Treatment of PTSD -
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Remediation of PTSD Symptoms Using Neurofeedback Training
with Active Duty Service Members and Veterans
An article by Siegfried Othmer, Ph.D.

Neurofeedback has been shown to be effective in treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the US military. By now more than 350 service persons have experienced neurofeedback at Camp Pendleton, one of six military bases where this work is being conducted. Specifically, the Infra-Low-Frequency (ILF) Training was implemented.

Are you interested in details of the results? Then you are welcome to download a PDF-copy of the article by Siegfried Othmer here for free (section "Articles").




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Cygnet-User Tip
Using a Gamepad or Joystick with Feedback Games

You probably have patients that get bored easily with the feedback games and would like to interactively control the actions in the game to make the sessions more interesting. This is possible with some feedback games. The following feedback games can be controlled by a gamepad or joystick: 

- InnerTube
- DualDriveExtreme
- ToyTrainAdventure
- Tropical Heat

You just need to plug the control device into a USB port of your computer and change some settings in the game options. The details about which settings must be changed you can read on our website. Just click here.  



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