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Neurofeedback Info-Webinar 27.08.2021

Are you interested in neurofeedback but would like to get some non-binding information before investing in a course and a system?

The free neurofeedback information days of BEE Medic GmbH are the ideal opportunity for this.

During the two-hour event, an experienced lecturer will give you a well-founded overview of the development of neurofeedback, the areas of application and the possibilities that neurofeedback offers today thanks to modern signal processing. We will introduce you to the neurofeedback setting and there will be enough space for all your questions about neurofeedback.


  • How does Neurofeedback work?
  • Where is Neurofeedback used?
  • For which indications and symptoms is Neurofeedback suitable?
  • What are the differences between the common Neurofeedback methods?
  • How is Neurofeedback used in practice?
  • What are the professional and therapeutical requirements?
  • What are the technical requirements?

Nach dem Infotag

  • You will have a sound overview about the evidence of Neurofeedback
  • You will know the differences between the main Neurofeedback methods and how the effective ILF Neurofeedback according to Othmer works
  • You will know how to use Neurofeedback in practice and clinic and what the treatment looks like
  • You will have a lot of new insights and recommendations for literature and studies to help you enter into the field of Neurofeedback


Zeitraum / Dauer

Time zone: CEST
3 pm until 5 pm


BEE Medic GmbH
Husenstrasse 57
9533 Kirchberg/SG

  • office@beemedic.ch
  • Telefon: +41 71 931 40 20


  • Englisch


  • no costs

Weitere Hinweise

The Neuofeedback info webinar is aimed at people with a medical and therapeutic background. Unfortunately, people who are considering a neurofeedback therapy cannot participate, but can find information about neurofeedback at the Neurofeedback Network.

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