The Othmer Method

Requires NeuroAmp® and Cygnet®

In Neurofeedback there are several different approaches, such as the classic frequency band training, the SCP (Slow Cortical Potentials) training and the bipolar training. 

One approach that is considered to be very effective is the Othmer method. It was developed within the last 25 years by the Othmers. This mehod is taught in our courses and our neurofeedback systems are based on it. 

The Othmer method is symptom-based. The feedback parameters are adjusted according to their effect on the patient. Over time, it was observed that working with very low frequencies, the so-called ILF (infra low frequencies), was especially effective. Our hard- and software were then adjusted to these low frequencies. The SCP approach also works with frequencies in this range. The Othmer method today can be seen as a combination of the above mentioned powerful approaches.  

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