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Note: For now, this directory shall be limited to neurofeedback practices.

The base entry is totally free of charge and we would like to invite you to add yourself to the directory.

What is your advantage?
People interested in neurofeedback services will be able to find your practice easily. The directory is part of the EEG Info website which is ranked high in search engines. We receive inquires about neurofeedback practices frequently.

How does that look like?
on the right. Check out if there are neurofeedback practitioners in your region alread - here!

What does it cost?
Nothing. The base entry is free. We are interested to help spread the word about neurofeedback and neurofeedback practitioners.

Ok- how do I get that?
Just create a member account. After creation of an account, you will see a link to the directory set-up page.

Note: This is all free. And note that we don’t give any of your data to third parties.

If you like, you can show the couses you have attended at EEGInfo Europe or HBImed AG on your online business card. Therefore, the check at Show EEGInfo courses must be set. Only courses from EEGInfo Europe or HBImed AG will be listet in the business card!

Is that all?
There is an option to create a premium-entry in the directory, which is part of the Premium-Membership. This service is a paid service - it allows you to present yourself in detail to interested directory visitors. Visitors can directly contact you via a contact form and you can link to your other website. Due to our high search engine ranking, your ranking will go up as a consequence. For legal reasons, we do have to verify your entry.


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