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child reading in a book

Interview with Gernoth Wührer - The importance of language to human development

Language is a fundamental component in child development. When suffering from a so-called language development disorder, communication, language comprehension, vocabulary and language formation or several of these areas are affected. 

In his practice in Munich, the psychologist Gernot Wührer treats, among others, patients with language development disorders. In this interview he reports on how neurofeedback can help. 


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The development of the Othmer Method - Neurofeedback in its most advanced form

If you are interested in the topic of neurofeedback, you will quickly realize that not all neurofeedback is the same. This article gives a brief insight into our whitepaper on the development of the Othmer Method. From its origins in classic SMR beta and frequency band training, to the systematic study of electrode placements, to today's ILF neurofeedback.

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gunilla radu from nordic center of neurofeedback

Interview with Gunilla Radu from Nordic Center of Neurofeedback - "We can do so much with so little"

Gunilla Radu is founder of the Nordic Center of Neurofeedback, works internationally as a EEG Info Europe lecturer for Neurofeedback and works every day with people in her private practice. In the interview she talks about her Neurofeedback career and experience, why it is so important to make Neurofeedback accessible to more and more people, especially in the field of trauma therapy and the pioneer work in her region.

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Congratulations to the winners!

Thank you very much for your active participation in our book raffle. Many of you "not only" took part, but also sent us personal messages, telling us about treatment successes and enthusiastic patients, and that you would no longer want to do without neurofeedback in your practice.

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Homeschooling in children with AD(H)D – Risk or Chance?

Many countries are in a second lockdown right now. Even if most schools remain open and students may attend classes, experiences of the homeschooling phase are still present to many. We want to discuss the potential opportunities and risks of digital learning and teaching formats for children with AD(H)D.

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